Sevylor Tahiti Fishing / Hunting Kayak Review

Tahiti Kayak
Quick Stats:

Seating Capacity: 2 people

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs.

Kayak Weight: 25 lbs.

Measurements: 10’9” by 2’4”

Well for full disclosure this is the kayak I personally own and use just about every weekend. I chose this kayak primarily because of the price and the brand. Sevylor is a household name in the sporting goods industry and was one of the first companies to produce an inflatable kayak.

This kayak is self-bailing, meaning that any water that spills into the kayak will drain out automatically. This feature provides a little more safety in rougher weather conditions, but ultimately you only want to use this kayak on a calmer day.

My girlfriend and I comfortably fit in this kayak and being six feet tall I find that I have plenty of legroom. The kayak also comes with inflatable cushions that serve as back supports. I’ve used inflatable kayaks without back supports and let me tell you within twenty minutes my back was very sore. I cannot stress enough that no matter what kayak you chose make sure that it has some sort of back support. The best part about the back support is the ability to adjust them to accommodate whomever is in the kayak. If I’m kayaking alone I am to sit further back allowing me to have ample amounts of legroom. If my girlfriend or friend is joining me than I can move the support to properly accommodate both of us. I should also mention that this kayak can easily handle two people. Like I said before, I am on the taller side I’ve had friends who are larger than me onboard with me and we’ve never had an issue.

The Sevylor kayak originally came in a bright yellow, but has now been updated to a forest green color, which I like much better. In addition to the color change the boat has seen some safety improvements as well. The boat now includes double-lock safety valves. With the addition of these valves Sevylor has now added a no-leak guarantee on the packaging for this kayak.

Compared to a traditional kayak this does feel a little different. I feel like you sit somewhat lower compared to regular kayaks and the air chambers on either side of you mean you have to paddle wider, which can require a little more effort. I will say though that I do feel very sturdy when I’m in this and I cannot say that for all inflatables. Some of the other models available seem to buckle in the middle especially with larger occupants, but the Tahiti didn’t have that problem at all.

I’m someone who likes to be able to throw everything in my trunk and go on last minute weekend excursions and this is always my go to kayak. It fits nicely in the truck of my car and is really easy to completely deflate for maximum storage ability.
It inflates very easily, but I do recommend investing in a decent pump. I personally use one that connects to my car battery, but it’s also nice to have a battery operated pump that you can take with you if you plan on hiking out to more remote areas with your kayak.

I would recommend picking up a quality paddle to go with the Tahiti. When I originally purchased mine it came with a very cheap paddle that was a little too small for me. I still keep in around as a backup or for my young cousin who sometimes accompanies me to use.

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I personally don’t have any experience using this kayak to fish, but I have run across several fishermen out on the water using it. Compared to some of the other kayaks out there I can see why this one is a favorite. It’s very sturdy and has a rigid texture that protects from an accidental puncture. Even if you were to puncture the kayak this model has ample amounts of safety mechanisms to prevent major air leakage.

Overall, this is a great pick for someone looking for an entry-level kayak that is extremely affordable and safe. It’s great for people new to kayaking who are not ready to make a large investment in a traditional kayak, but it is also something that you won’t outgrow or regret as you advance with the sport. This is by far one of the best inflatables available.

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